Save user data when re-authenticating

It may be essential for your users to re-authenticate their identity for certain functions. For example, you might set a login to expire after a certain amount of time in case a user leaves their computer unattended in the middle of a purchase.

While your website will rightly use this function for your users’ security, you can help your users by saving all information entered by the user. When they re-authenticate (such as logging back in) you can display whatever data they had already entered.

What to do

  • When you ask a user to re-authenticate their identity, the user can continue exactly as before with saved data (for example, their shopping basket contents, input into forms or accessibility options).
  • Things like surveys and questionnaires can be saved and completed at a later date.


If you do ask your users to re-authenticate after a certain amount of time, consider whether your use of a time limit is justified under Guideline 2.2.1 and Guideline 2.2.3.

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