Privacy pages aren’t very popular on websites. They’re hardly ever read and don’t really add much more than a little reassurance to the most nervous of people. Yet, everyone that wants to use your information needs one. Here’s mine.

The Wuhcag way

I respect your privacy.

When you become a customer of mine, we enter into an agreement that I will only use your information to supply you with what you want. If you don’t give me the data, I can’t sell you anything. It’s a win-win scenario.

I use a payment gateway to fulfil orders so I don’t have access to your payment details. That gateway is Gumroad. It’s secure and you get free updates for life.

When you buy from me, I will always be upfront and honest with what I’ll do with your information. I will never give (or sell) your information to anyone. That would be rude of me. I keep your details secure.

All I want to do is sell you a book, send you a newsletter or send you an email. You don’t have to buy my book if you don’t want me to know your details. If you want a newsletter, you can subscribe knowing that is all you’ll get. If you don’t want it any more, you can unsubscribe easily and at any time.

Lovely cookies

This site uses a few cookies here and there. Cookies are small text files that web browsers (like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer) use to make websites work better. They can help you remember passwords and user-names. They’ve been around for years and no-one cared until the European Union went crazy on privacy.

This site has to use cookies to sell you things, it won’t work any other way. Most of your data is deleted after you leave the site and you can see my privacy policy above.

There are also cookies to track what pages you visit and how many of you buy my book. I’m not stalking you, just seeing how many people who visit the website make a purchase. This data is essential for me to make informed decisions about how to improve the site.

I hope you’re satisfied. If you have any questions about my privacy policy or the use of cookies here, please contact me.

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