WCAG Is Not Scary Anymore – A Progressive Approach to Website Accessibility

Guest post from Herin Hentry, Senior Test Analyst at Planit, originally published at www.planittesting.com. ‘WCAG is not scary anymore’ was the title of my presentation at A11yCamp, Melbourne 2016 representing Planit Software Testing, Accessibility Services which received good feedback from the audience. I thought I will follow that up with an article to share with a… Continue reading

How to Convince Writers to Write for Accessibility

How would you explain web accessibility in less than five minutes to dozens of technophobic writers, and convince them to do something about it? You explain the three easy ways to simultaneously improve accessibility, search engine optimization (SEO), and usability: Structure content with ordered headings and lists; Write a meaningful text alternative or use the… Continue reading

An Accessibility Strategy to Reimagine Business as Usual

People often perceive accessibility as a burdensome obligation that’s solely the responsibility of developers or an overwhelmed accessibility specialist. I’ve always wanted to change that mindset. During a recent contract, I introduced a strategy to reframe accessibility as a shared responsibility. The ultimate goal is for accessibility to become part of business as usual by… Continue reading

What is the least we need to do to be accessible?

This is a real question asked everyday by Product Owners, Scrum Masters, Business Analysts, Managers Instructors creating course content, and yes, Disability Services Providers. It is a fair question when time and money are both in short supply. However, Accessibility Specialists understand that this question is not necessary when accessibility is included in every step from planning to… Continue reading