‘Page Break Navigation’ requires you to provide a way to navigate between page break locators.

Page break locators are a way to guide users through meaningful points within content. For example, an online version of a book might use page markers to match up with a print edition. 

Users with visual impairments or those who rely on digital means to consumer content can use page break locators to find a certain point within the text. For example, if a teacher asks them to read pages 34 – 59 before the next lesson. 

How to Pass ‘Page Break Navigation’

If your content has page break locators, provide users with a way to navigate to and between them:

  • In HTML you can add page list navigation using <nav role=”doc-pagelist”>
  • You could then add designations using <span id=”pg1”>

‘Page Break Navigation’ Tips

This only applies when you have content with page break locators, it’s not a requirement to add these to your content.

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