Use menus in the same place across your website

When you visit a website these days, it’s almost second nature to understand where the main menu is and to expect it to be in the same place on every page. Web designers know that having a consistent navigation menu helps users move around websites.

Consistent navigation helps users who may have trouble moving around a website and find themselves ‘lost’ more often than others. Your users who rely on spatial navigation, due to impaired sight, or need extra help understanding your website will thank you.

This consistency also applies to standard parts of your website – things like your search box. Don’t move them all over the place, use a consistent template for key elements.

What to do

  • Keep navigation menus in the same location on all pages; and
  • Present the options in navigation menus in the same order on all pages; and
  • Keep all other standard elements (for example, your search box) in the same location on all pages.


Using a standard template for your website will help you meet this guideline.

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