3.1.2 – Language of Parts (Level AA)

Tell users when the language on a page changes

If your website has content in a different language to its main language, you should tell your users about the change. This helps those who use assistive technology to read the full content.

What to do

  • Set your website’s main language by meta tag (see Guideline 3.1.1).
  • Add a language attribute to content that is not in the main language.


  • HTML language codes match the ISO language codes standard.
  • If you have an alternative language version or translation of some content, link to it with the name of the language in that language (for example, ‘Francais’, ‘Deutsch’) and add a language tag to the link.


If you are using a single word that has become part of the main language (for example, ‘rendezvous’ is used in English but is of French origin).

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