Provide sign language translations for pre-recorded videos.


Users with hearing impairments can benefit from seeing a signed translation of your video soundtracks. In fact, those whose first language is a signed language may have limited reading ability, meaning captions can be difficult to follow.

Sign language is also faster to interpret than written captions and can convey emotion and tone much better.

How to Pass ‘Sign Language (Pre-recorded)’

Make an alternative version of your video with an interpreter either present in the main video or embedded as picture-in-picture and link to it from near the original content.

‘Sign Language (Pre-recorded)’ Tips

An obvious issue is the question of which language to use. Forms of signing are often exclusive to a particular country; even British and American are completely distinct, despite the similarities of the written language.

The best bet is to provide signing in the language of the country that you are targeting, or if you are multi-national, in the language of the country of the highest proportion of your visitors.

You’ll need to find and hire an interpreter for your videos.

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