‘Redundant Entry’ requires websites to auto-fill or provide information that’s required more than once in the same process.


When a user is following a multi-step process, they may need help if information is asked for on more than one step of the process.

Requiring users to remember, re-type or replicate information within a process may be difficult for some users due to the cognitive requirements. Users with memory issues or who experience cognitive fatigue will benefit from fields auto-filling with information entered previously.

How to Pass ‘Redundant Entry’

If a process requires information that a user has previously provided to be entered again in the same process:

  • auto-fill the information; or
  • make the information available to select.


  • Where re-entering the information is essential
  • If the re-entering is required for security
  • When information entered previously is no longer valid

‘Redundant Entry’ Tips

A browser’s auto-fill feature is not sufficient.

Your website doesn’t need to retain information between distinct sessions for a user.

Making information available could include auto-filling, providing drop down options or a check box to copy across previous responses.

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