Define words where meaning is ambiguous without pronunciation. 


You can help your users by paying attention to words where the meaning isn’t clear unless the word is pronounced (or spoken). Words like these can make it hard for your users to understand your content, especially if they use a screen reader (which could pronounce words incorrectly) or have limited reading comprehension.

This covers words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently (for example, ‘bow’ v ‘bow’) – also known as heteronyms.

How to Pass ‘Pronunciation’

  • Avoid using words where the meaning, in context, is ambiguous.
  • If you need to use such a word, you can explain the meaning to your users by:
    • Providing a phonetic guide immediately after the word; or
    • Linking the word to a phonetic guide.

‘Pronunciation’ Exceptions

If the word is clear from the context of the sentence (for example “Robin Hood used a bow and arrow”).

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