‘No Keyboard Trap’ ensures users can navigate to and from all content using a keyboard.


Users with visual or motor impairments may choose to access your website with only their keyboard. Users must be able to navigate to and away from all content and functionality on your website using a keyboard. 

How to Pass ‘No Keyboard Trap’

All elements on your website can be navigated to and away from by keyboard only using the ‘tab’ or arrow keys.

‘No Keyboard Trap’ Tips

To test for this guideline, unplug your mouse and make sure you can fully use your website with only your keyboard.

It’s tempting to use non-standard navigation with an explanation of what to do, but this isn’t worth your time. Stick to the ‘tab’ and arrow keys that most users are familiar with.

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I'm Luke, I started Wuhcag in 2012 to help people like you get to grips with web accessibility. Check out my book, 'How to Meet the WCAG 2.0'.

2 comments on “No Keyboard Trap (2.1.2 – Level A)

    Patricia says:

    Hi. Just joined the group today, and I am so happy to see something about accessibility here. It is an area of particular interest to me. I worked hard to get my company to take it seriously, with only partial success. I will look forward to your posts on this topic and plan to check through the archives to learn more. Thank you. Patricia

      Luke McGrath says:

      Thanks Patricia, it’s often an uphill struggle to get accessibility built in to a company’s way of life but it all starts with one person like you raising your voice and tackling one thing at a time. Good luck!


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