May 9th is Global Accessibility Awareness Day here on planet Earth. In simple terms, very simple terms, it’s a day dedicated to accessibility awareness. In slightly more complicated terms, we’re taking about a day where everyone involved with web development gets up and shouts about the benefits of accessible websites.

Here’s the day, as described by the founders:

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is a community-driven effort whose goal is to dedicate one day to raising the profile of and introducing the topic of digital (web, software, mobile app/device etc.) accessibility and people with different disabilities to the broadest audience possible.

Anyone and everyone should get involved in the day and help spread the word about web accessibility. You don’t have to be a developer to speak your mind either. May of you are business owners and designers who often work with developers. You can do your bit by championing the cause on May 9th (and every time you start/design a new project of course).

Global Accessibility Awareness Day tips

Here are a few fun things you can do on Global Accessibility Awareness Day:

  • Unplug the mouse of everyone in your office for the day
  • Tape cardboard or smear Vaseline over everyone’s monitors
  • Become a ‘Human Pop-up’ and interrupt colleagues in the middle of meetings
  • Remove the labels from the tea, coffee and sugar jars
  • Set up a screen to play a video whenever someone enters a room and remove all pause and stop buttons

Ok, so that might get you in trouble at work (just don’t do EVERYTHING on the list at once). The idea behind May 9th is to talk to someone about the importance of web accessibility who might not otherwise know about it.

If you have a team meeting, ask for ten minutes at the end to talk about what your company can do better.  If there’s no meeting, why not organise one (with the go ahead of your boss) and field questions on web accessibility. You could even offer an after-work talk if there’s no time in your office hours (perhaps host this at the pub or at least take a cake in).

My Global Accessibility Awareness Day sale

How to Meet the WCAG 2.0Did you see this one coming? So that I’m not all talk and no trousers, I’m putting my support behind Global Accessibility Awareness Day by reducing my book How to Meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 down to $1 for 48 hours from today.

I’ve gone for 48 hours because:

  • It’s a wicked-cool film, and
  • It means that as long as it is May 9th somewhere in the world, you can buy my book for $1.

I know a lot of people have really enjoyed my book and used it to improve their understanding of web accessibility (if that’s you by the way, I could do with some testimonials!). I’d like as many people as possible to get their hands on a copy on May 9th.

Now get going! Plan your actions for the day, like the Day on Facebook and buy my web accessibility book for $1.

Have you got any other ideas to add to my list of accessibility pranks? Share yours in the comments.

Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day!

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