Functionality that uses dragging movements can be achieved with a single pointer without dragging.


Some users with mobility impairments may have difficulty using a dragging action precisely, either by mouse pointer or touch. Others may use an accessibly input mechanism, such as eye control, that makes dragging even more difficult or even impossible. 

These users need an alternative that enables them to complete the same input as dragging.

How to Pass ‘Dragging Movements’

Where a control uses dragging, provide an alternative.


Where dragging is essential. For example, creating art or playing a game where dragging is a design feature.

‘Dragging Movements’ Tips

A dragging movement is one where only the start and end points matter, the direction between them is not considered. 

A common example of a dragging control is one where the user drags elements into a certain order. This can also be achieved by a clickable up/down navigation or by typing numbered values next to elements.

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