‘Consistent Help’ requires that help and support options are presented in the same order.


Offering help options is great for all users, whether the help is human contact or self-service. Users with disabilities may use help options more than other users and will benefit from consistent presentation of their choices.

A simple way to achieve this is adding an email address, phone number or ‘contact us’ link to your main navigation. Others may offer live chat on every page. The key is to keep these options in the same order wherever they exist.

How to Pass
‘Consistent Help’

Where help is offered to users on multiple pages of a website, it is done so in a consistent order. 

‘Consistent Help’ Tips

Help options can include contact details, a contact form, live chat, FAQs or an automated chat bot.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t require websites to offer help, just that when help is offered it is done consistently across all pages.

Consistent order means both placement (for example before or after the main page content) and order within a menu (for example phone number before email).

If you’re going to pick one thing to do, add a ‘Contact’ or ‘Help’ link to your main navigation and present all the help options on that page.

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