Don’t change elements on your website until users ask

Some of your users find automatic changes hard to deal with. Unexpected actions can interrupt their concentration and prevent them from reaching their goals. Help your users by keeping them in control and avoiding elements on your website that change automatically.

What to do

To pass this guideline, you

3.2.5 – Change on Request (Level AAA)Read more

Explain any abbreviations

Some of your users need help understanding your content. Using abbreviations can cause confusion and prevent your users from understanding your website. Avoid using abbreviations where you can and explain them when you need to use them.

Abbreviations (like Dr for Doctor) also include acronyms (NATO) and initialisms (FBI).

What to do

3.1.4 – Abbreviations (Level AAA)Read more

Every link’s purpose is clear from its text

It’s essential that you make your hyperlinks (usually just called ‘links’) clear and easy to understand.
Users with assistive technology, like a screen reader, often hear all the links on a page to help them find where they want to go. Others may view your website highly magnified, so

2.4.9 – Link Purpose (Link Only) (Level AAA)Read more