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Users have access to audio description for video content

Some of your users will rely on audio description to help with videos. Adding audio description to your videos means these users have the same information as everyone else.

What to do

Make an alternative version of your video with an audio description soundtrack and link to it from near the original content.


If you have provided audio description for videos to meet Guideline 1.2.3, you have already fulfilled this guideline.

Your audio description version must include everything that might be lost to a visually impaired user – things like:

  • Relevant exposition (location, gestures, lighting, colours).
  • Identifying new speakers.
  • Marking the passing of time.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. The key is to think about what information the video provides and ensure a user with a visual impairment gets the same information.

Remember to use clear words, use the present tense and keep in sync with the video.


You don’t need an audio description if all of the information in the video is provided in the regular soundtrack. Something like a straight face-to-face interview, or a speech to-camera would probably not need audio description.

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