‘Animation from Interactions’ requires that users can disable motion animation.


Animations on a website can distract users and, in some cases, cause nausea. Avoiding animated elements triggered by the user (for example parallax scrolling or a ‘page loading’ animation) can help these users enjoy the website.

How to Pass ‘Animation from Interactions’

  • Don’t use motion animation on your website; or
  • Allow users to disable all non-essential motion animation.


Animation that’s essential to a website’s function or information, if the same cannot be achieved by other means. 

‘Animation from Interactions’ Tips

“Motion animation” means adding steps to states, such as making a bar chart appear to grow from 0 to 100, rather than loading it at 100.

Add a site-wide control to the top of your website to allow the user to turn off non-essential animation.

This doesn’t mean websites with animation can’t pass, as an animated video would be fine if the purpose of the page was to display that animated video. It’s decorative animation you should seek to avoid or allow users to turn off.

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